Sunday, March 9, 2008

Women in Crime Ink Now Available!

Announcing a unique crime blog debuting this March:


Profiling the nation's most intriguing criminals . . . interviewing killers, survivors, witnesses, and lawyers . . . arresting suspects . . . prosecuting and locking up serial and sexual killers . . . safeguarding civil liberties and urging government accountability . . . recreating faces on skulls to help identify victims and solve cases . . . witnessing executions on Texas Death Row . . . covering the nation's top crime stories . . . and uncovering truth in the face of jail time and death threats.

These are the daily tasks of the women who make up Women in Crime Ink (WCI). Beginning March 10, they will share their day-to-day adventures and behind-the-scenes stories that are always stranger than fiction. WCI will also feature interviews as well as book and film reviews. Expect guest contributor blogs from those impacted by crime and a "Mystery Man" column, written by men in the crime biz. Additionally, WCI will host live chats with selected crime authors promoting their books.

Women in Crime Ink has assembled an impressive lineup of award-winning true-crime authors, print and broadcast journalists, crime novelists, a producer for CBS News, television personalities, and criminal justice professionals—including a forensic artist, a criminal profiler, a murder prosecutor, a police officer, a criminal defense attorney, a sex-crimes prosecutor, and a private investigator. From the West Coast to the Eastern Seaboard, they have crime covered. Meet the women of Women in Crime Ink:

PAT BROWN is a nationally renowned Criminal Profiler and author of Killing for Sport.

ANDREA CAMPBELL is a forensic artist who writes books about forensic science and law.

KATHRYN CASEY is a true-crime author whose first Texas Ranger novel debuts this summer.

TINA DIRMANN is a crime and entertainment reporter, a commentator, and a true-crime author.

STACY DITTRICH is a police officer and a crime novelist who's worked numerous murder cases.

DIANE FANNING is the Edgar-nominated author of 7 true crime books and 1 mystery novel.

JENNA JACKSON is a producer for 48 Hours whose first true-crime book was recently released.

VANESSA LEGGETT is a writer jailed by the Justice Dept. for protecting sources for a book.

MICHELE MCPHEE is a best-selling true-crime author and host of a talk-radio show.

DONNA PENDERGAST is a prosecutor who put away the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history.

ROBIN SAX is a deputy district attorney, a criminal law professor, a legal analyst and an author.

KATHERINE SCARDINO is an attorney who won Texas' first capital murder acquittal. in 25 years.

DONNA WEAVER is a P.I. whose career began with her husband's disappearance and murder.

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